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Volunteer at Camp

For over 44 years, Petaluma Day Camp has been and continues to be 100% volunteer run!

We are looking for exceptional, fun-loving adults to staff our camp. To become a Petaluma Day Camp volunteer, you must be at least 18 years old, and like children , be a registered Girl Scout prior to camp and the out-of-doors. We will train you and provide all the information you need to become an effective staff member.

Program Staff
no current openings

At-home Volunteer
Donation Coordinator

Campers of volunteer’s working 3-5 days of the week – it has been in the past that you may have received a rebate on their campers’ fees.  Going forward, our ability to do this is contingent upon the overall camp participation and will be determined after camp is over.  Rebate is not guaranteed.

Additionally, Tags (potty trained, age 3-7yrs) unit is available for FREE for the first child of Full-Time (3-5 full days) Adult Volunteer. Additional children may be accommodated for an additional $50 fee for each child.  Full registration packets are required to be completed for each child.

Volunteer Training Schedule:
In order for our program to be successful it is important that the team of volunteer adults are well trained and excited about our summer program. We have created a fun and quick trainings that will be critical for you to participate in. 

For New-to-Petaluma-Day-Camp Volunteers there will be a Training date/time/ location announced shortly.

For all Adult Volunteers there will be a Training date/time/ location announced shortly.

Have a question?  Please email us your question at Petalumadaycampgirlscouts@gmail.com

Volunteers are an integral part of Petaluma Day Camp. Volunteers work all year long to plan, organize and develop program for camp. Volunteers are needed the week of camp to work in the units with campers and with Program staff to make everything run smoothly. Your involvement is necessary to keep Petaluma Day Camp alive. We hope that the majority of our volunteers will return year after year. We always have room for more and would love to have you join us at camp.

Did you know……that when you volunteer as a full-time unit leader, you allow up to 8 campers to be removed from the waiting list and come to camp?

We need help in all of our units. Helping the girls acclimate to camp life, get ready for program, making sure they make new friends, learn new skills and build confidence and character is the job of all of our adults in the units.

We need volunteers to help set-up, clean-up, be on the first aid staff, run special programs (crafts, cooking) and even do important at-home jobs that will make our camp run smoothly. No experience needed!!!

Volunteering at camp is one of the most fulfilling and satisfying experiences you can have as a volunteer. Directly or indirectly, you are having a positive impact on the lives of young girls. Instilling in them Courage, Confidence and Character so that they can go on to Make the World a Better Place. If you attended camp in your childhood, you will no doubt have many positive memories.

Spending time at camp can be a wonderful way to re-energize yourself. You will be spending time in a wonderful natural setting, away from the “real world”, with a group of kids who are there to have fun and enjoy life.

last updated March 19, 2018

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