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What Do I Bring to Camp?

Required Equipment List – What and What Not To Bring

A complete list will be sent with your confirmation packet and will vary, based on the age level of your daughter. However, here are the basics:

Bring Each Day:
1. TOTE – A school bag or backpack labeled with camper’s name.
2. LUNCH & DRINK – A healthy lunch and drink is needed each day except Friday. On Friday, lunch will be provided for all campers.
3. WATER BOTTLE (recyclable!) – Labeled with camper’s name.
4. HAT – After the morning fog burns off, it will be sunny and warm and so a hat with a brim is always a good idea.
5. LAYERS – Pack a sweatshirt/jacket; extra shorts or long pants in backpack
6. CAMP T-SHIRT – Your camp shirt

Bring the First Day:
1. MESS KIT/DUNK BAG (which includes an unbreakable cup, plate, bowl and silverware in a mesh dish/lingerie bag) * No metal, ceramic or glass items please.

Mesh bags can be purchased at the Dollar Store, Target, etc. Lingerie bags work great as Dunk Bags.
2. T-SHIRT or PILLOW CASE – Each camper needs to bring one light colored t-shirt or pillowcase. This will be used by your camper for a craft project at some point during the week. She should bring it with her on the first day and plan on leaving it with the Unit Leader until the end of the week.
3. OTHER – Other items as requested by your camper’s Unit Leaders prior to camp. You and your camper will be contacted prior to camp by the Unit Leader and given additional information about other things that your camper needs to bring to camp.


Do NOT bring: Please NO mobile devices, smart phones, radios, iPods, iPads, electronics devices, expensive items, candy, gum, soda or sugary snacks.  Snacks are provided to the units twice a day.

What to Wear
A dress code has been implemented to ensure the comfort and safety of all campers. A short-sleeve camp t-shirt is included in the registration fee and provided to the campers on the first day of camp. We ask that the campers wear this shirt to camp each day for identification purposes (expect to wash it frequently). Alterations to the camp shirt is not permitted. Campers may also wear long pants or shorts that hit just above the knee (NO “short-shorts” or bare shoulders). Durable shoes with closed toes and heels with laces (i.e. sneakers or hiking boots) and socks (covering at least ankles) are required. No sandals, clogs, crocs or flip-flops.

Please apply sunscreen and insect repellant to your camper before she arrives at camp each morning.

Camp T-shirt: A camp T-shirt is included in the registration fee for each camper (including TagAlongs). Be sure to order the correct size at the bottom of the “Camper Information Sheet”. Additional camp T-shirts can be ordered ($10/each) on the “Camper Information Sheet”. Once t-shirts are ordered, they cannot be returned or exchanged.

I have other questions – who can I contact?
Take a look at our other FAQ pages first, but you are always welcome to email your question to us at Petalumadaycampgirlscouts@gmail.com

Updated March 19, 2018.

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